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I am originally from Flower Mound, Texas and moved to Colorado over 10 years ago.

My creative outlet was dancing throughout my childhood. Then, I found photography. I love capturing emotions that people rarely get to see between themselves and others. I completed a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from the University of North Texas but chose to use my degree documenting families so their memories could surround them on their walls.

My husband and I live in Erie with our two boys who are six and three years old. We also have a dog, Kiya, who is a bit chaotic and emotionally confused which adds to the fun dynamic in our home.  

It has taken years of random nudges by friends and family for me to begin taking into consideration that I could use my ability to capture special moments between people and be confident that those people would want to hold on to those moments to look at down the road.  

A session booked with a friend and her two wonderful children was the last nudge to topple me over into the world of photography, entrepreneurship and a bright, unknown future of working to build a lifestyle I can truly love, grow and share.

Our session together is a time for you to be YOU.  To have FUN!  These are memories of you for you for the rest of your life.  I would love be a part of those moments with you.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope your day is full of many wonderful, crazy things that make you smile!

Victoria Martin